Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane

Performance tracks are now available for Calamity Jane!

We are pleased to announce that Calamity Jane is available in Stage|Tracks Mobile format!* This show is based on the life of the famous frontierswoman and her fellow peace officer, Wild Bill Hickock.

When the dynamic duo saves the life of local saloon owner Henry Miller, they discover that Miller is in over his head. Frances Fryer, the actress Miller has been promoting, is actually a man. Because of this, Miller has been trying desperately to keep it secret. When word gets out, Jane and Wild Bill have to calm the outraged town.

Jane heads out to Chicago to bring famous actress Adelaide Adams back to town to perform, but accidentally brings back Katie Brown, Adelaide’s maid. Hilarity ensues in this wild west farce as the town spirals into outrage, and Jane discovers her true love for Wild Bill.

Based on the 1953 Warner Bros. movie musical of the same name, the stage production features six songs not heard in the movie.

Request a bid today to obtain these tracks for your licensed show.

*These tracks feature piano accompaniment only.

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