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We are pleased to announce that A Catered Affair is available in Stage|Tracks Mobile format!

Set in the Bronx in 1953, Jane Hurley and Ralph Halloran have decided to get married. The couple does not want a big wedding. They would rather do things on the cheap and not draw attention to themselves, especially since Jane’s brother was recently killed in the Korean War.

Meanwhile, Jane’s father, Tom, has agreed to make some changes to his Taxi business. He and one of his partners, Sam, have decided to buy out their third partner, Pasternak. Because he needs the money for this business move, Tom is happy about the choice of an inexpensive wedding. When Jane’s mom, Aggie, announces that the small wedding will be held at City Hall, women in the neighborhood begin to gossip.

Pressure from Ralph’s wealthy family drives Aggie to spend her life savings on an elaborate and lavish wedding and reception. Soon the complicated planning process and ballooning expenses begin to strain relationships. Will the wedding drive everyone apart, or bring them closer together?

This show is based on both the 1956 film The Catered Affair written by Gore Vidal and the original 1955 teleplay by Paddy Chayefsky.

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