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It’s a Dog’s Life follows the adventures of a Golden Retriever named Bo, a loyal domestic. He loves life with his master, Heather, a little girl who shares the same sentiment. However, Bo is the target of a mad mongrel named Spike and his motley pack of mangy misfits. To keep Heather from harm, Bo decides to leave home and run away as far as possible, heading for the big city.
Along the road, he befriends a loveable mutt named Buddie. Together, they have the adventure of a lifetime, meeting such colorful canine characters as Crooner, Rosie and Max. Crooner, a Black Lab, is the coolest dog in town and has a back-up trio of Poodles who come complete with skirts. Rosie is a sultry singing and dancing Irish Setter and Max, a German Shepard, is an old, retired seeing-eye-dog. But, everywhere Bo goes, Spike and his gang doggedly follow and when Spike causes the death of one of Bo’s newfound friends, Bo is forced to tell the story of their past.
To keep his friends from danger, Bo ventures out alone to finally confront Spike. Fortunately, Buddie and his friends are not far behind and, after a dogfight of West Side Story proportions—complete with “switchbones”—Spike and his gang are defeated! Bo returns home to Heather, wishing the others find the happiness that Bo has found, which all dogs desire at heart.

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