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Performance products are now available for Les Misérables!


Stage|Tracks performance tracks are now available for Les Misérables! 

Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables follows relentless policeman, Javert, in his unceasing pursuit of Jean Valjean over the course of decades.  Valjean works his way up from being a prisoner to becoming a mayor of a french town.  Along the way, Valjean agrees to take care of the daughter of a dying prostitute.  He later joins the fight for freedom during the tumultuous revolutionary France.

Les Misérables is a classic among classics with universally recognizable music, impeccable storytelling and character developement.  As with all broadway minus tracks recorded by Right On Cue Services, quality of musicianship and recording are our number one priority.  Our tracks are designed specifically to sound good on theater sound systems and blend seamlessly with your performer’s voices.

 Listen to Stage|Tracks for Les Miserables below:

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