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180 N University Ave – Suite 555, Provo, UT  84601,

Our office hours are 9-5PM Mountain Time, Monday-Friday. For urgent after hours assistance, please call Jameson McDougal, his cell is in the signature of most emails from us.

When am I going to get my tracks?

We are normally able to process orders within one business day of receiving them, always within two. You should receive conformation from the licensing company when they send us your order (this is different from when they process your payment).

When we process your order we will email you an agreement via PandaDocs that you can digitally sign. The email may go to your junk mail, so please check there.

If more than two business days pass since you received an email from the licensing company saying they sent us the order, and you cannot find the PandaDoc in your inbox or junk, please reach out to us.

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Android Apps

For Show Ready we currently support Mac and Windows computers as well as iOS. We are anticipating releasing an Android app this summer.

For Stage Tracks we currently support Mac and Windows computers as well as iOS and Android.

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Do you support Chromebooks?

We do not have any Chromebook apps, but you should be able to load Android apps onto a Chromebook. Currently we have the performance Stage Tracks for Android with the rehearsal Show Ready expected summer of 2023.

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Why are my codes not working?

Please make sure you are entering the correct code into the correct product. Show Ready and Stage Tracks are different products with unique codes. Also, for Stage Tracks there are separate codes for computer (OGG or COM) and for mobile devices (Mobile).

Other common causes are:
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My Stage Tracks MOBILE are not uploading my edits- why not?

Edits are only able to automatically update to Show Ready and the computer version of Stage Tracks when you press Send Changes.

With the Mobile version of Stage Tracks we need to manually transfer the edits for you. We will transfer your first round of requested edits for free. If you need additional edits there is a $75/hour charge, minimum of $40. When all your edits are finished please email us letting us know. You should expect a from us 3-5 business days later, with info to download the edits.

Please make sure you have set any vamps you want changed form the mobile default and have uploaded or sent your latest change log.

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There is a Server Error

That error is normally a sign of a network firewall or closed port blocking the download. The following link has a few solutions. https://rightoncueservices.com/network-error-when-activating-show-ready-stage-tracks/

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Can I get just a single song?

We cannot legally provide individual songs but can only provide the full show when the licensing rights are purchased from the licensing company.

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I need URGENT help and it is after hours, how can I get a hold of someone.

If your show is about to start and your music is not working please call Jameson. His cell phone number is in the signature line of every email from Jameson or Cora.

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