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Right on Cue Services

  • Office Location: 180 N University Ave – Suite 555, Provo, UT  84601
  • Phone: (801) 960-1111
  • Business Hours: Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm Mountain


  • Reach out to Licensing (licensing@rightoncueservices.com) for the following:
    • General questions
    • Order processing
    • Authorization codes (codes expired, need more seats, etc.)
    • Access (early access, extensions, etc.)
    • Bids
    • Edit requests
    • Title Requests
  • Reach out to Customer Support (cs@rightoncueservices.com) for the following:
    • Customer training (desktop apps, mobile apps)
    • Technical support (networking issues, reporting a bug)
    • Product roadmap
    • Feature requests
    • Integrations
    • Exceptions

Please reach out to your licensing rep for all competition extension requests. If approved, they will contact us with the competition details for an extension.

We are normally able to process orders within 1 – 2 business days. You should receive confirmation from the licensing company when they send us your order (this is different from when they process your payment).

When we process your order, we will email you an agreement via PandaDocs that you can digitally sign. The email may go to your junk mail, so please check there.

If more than two business days have passed since you received an email from the licensing company, and you cannot find the PandaDoc in your inbox or junk mail, please contact us by phone or email (listed above) and we will be happy to help.

Please make sure you are entering the code into the correct product.

  • -This software application is used for rehearsal.
  • -Your production staff and cast members will have access.
  • -It has a blue icon.
  • -This software application is used for performances.
  • -Only your production staff will have access.
  • -It has an orange icon.

Other common causes are:

  • -Make sure that you are putting the codes into the correct devices. There is a separate code for the computer and mobile app.
  • -If you misspell the authorization code, it won’t work. Even when copying and pasting sometimes spaces get added to the end of the code by mistake. There should be no spaces at all in the code.
  • -A network firewall might be blocking the download. Check out this page for solutions: Network Error When Activating Show|Ready of Stage|Tracks.

Show|Ready (rehearsal tool)

  • -iOS- yes, you can find this in the App Store under “Show|Ready”
  • -Android- no, we are currently under development and hope to release it soon

Stage|Tracks (performance tool)

We have a limited tool called Stage|Tracks Lite that is a basic music player. It doesn’t have the full functionality of the desktop version of Stage|Tracks. Due to the limited functionality, we always recommend clients use Stage|Tracks on their computer instead.

  • -iOS- only Stage|Tracks Lite
  • -Android- only Stage|Tracks Lite

If you want your edits to be instantly updated, we highly recommend using the desktop version of Stage|Tracks on your computer to access the full feature set. When you make edits in either Show|Ready (rehearsal tool) or Stage|Tracks (performance tool), when you hit “Send Changes” these edits will appear automatically. This is the recommended route, and there isn’t an additional cost.

However, when it comes to edits in Stage|Tracks Lite, the edits are not applied instantaneously. To get your edits uploaded into Stage|Tracks Lite, our team needs to manually make the edits and upload them into the mobile app for you. Because this takes us additional time and effort, we charge the following for this service:

  • First submission of edits- free
  • Additional submissions – $75/ hour

When all your edits are ready for submission, please email us at licensing@rightoncueservices.com to let us know. When submitting edits to ROCS to be uploaded into Stage|Tracks Lite, be aware that this process takes 2 – 5 business days.

We do not have any Chromebook apps, but you should be able to download Android app on a Chromebook.

That error is normally a sign of a network firewall or closed port blocking the download. Check out this page for solutions: Network Error When Activating Show|Ready of Stage|Tracks.

We cannot legally provide individual songs. We only provide the full show when the licensing rights are purchased from the licensing company.

For after-hours assistance, please call our main number at (801) 960-1111. You can pick from the following options:

  • Press 1– For general questions and show access, leave us a voicemail and we will get back to you during regular business hours. Likewise, you can also email us at licensing@rightoncueservices.com and you will be assisted promptly.
  • Press 2– For technical support, leave us a voicemail and we will get back to you during regular business hours. Likewise, you can also email us at cs@rightoncueservices.com and you will be assisted promptly.
  • Press 3(urgent calls only) If you need to extend your show access for a few days or you have run out of authorizations (access for your users) and your show, you will be forwarded to an after-hours contact who can help you.

Although you can adjust the volume of the click track, you cannot mute it due to licensing restrictions. The click track ensures that Show|Ready is used only for rehearsal. Hence, the click track must remain enabled. However, you will find that the click track isn’t in our performance tool, Stage|Tracks.

ROCS does not provide cue sheets. Please reach out to your licensing rep to get access to your show cue sheet.

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