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Show | ReadyIntroducing your very own personal accompanist, with you on the road, at home, and at the rehearsal hall. Learn your parts with ease.learn more

Stage | TracksProfessional grade tracks for your show performed by world-class musicians are just a click away. Learn what Stage|Tracks can do for you.

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Fill | HarmonicPut the power of a full-size philharmonic orchestra into any space and nearly any budget with our premier real-time performance enhancement system.

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introduction to the rocs performance system


Show | Readyflexible rehearsal solution

All You Need For Rehearsal

Piano, Bass, Drums, and Vocals played in MIDI. Change panning, volume, or instrumentation as you see fit. Score view included.

Customizable Music

Edit cuts, vamps, repeats, caesuras, tempos, and key changes to meet your needs.

Share Edits With Cast

Click one button, and all your edits will be shared via the cloud to your entire cast on their PC, Mac, or iOS device.


Stage | Tracks

world class recorded tracks

Premier Recorded Tracks

Features all the parts as written in the score. Recorded with real instruments in our state of the art recording studio by professional musicians and producers.

Flexible Editing Options

Import edits from Show|Ready, and continue to make edits on the desktop version of Stage|Tracks.


Fill | Harmonic

the ultimate flexibility

Total Musical Control

Beat by beat control of a virtual orchestra. Use with any combination of live musicians.

On The Fly Adaptability

Actor missed a cue? Repeat a few bars in real time. Trumpet player out sick? Turn on the trumpet part within Fill|Harmonic.