“13” is a lively and insightful musical about the complexities of young adolescence, centered around the life of Evan Goldman, a 12-year-old from New York City. As Evan prepares for his impending Bar Mitzvah, his world is turned upside down when his parents divorce and he is forced to move with his mother to the small town of Appleton, Indiana. Determined to make the best of his situation, Evan sees his upcoming Bar Mitzvah as the perfect opportunity to establish his social standing, but quickly learns that fitting in is not as simple as he thought. As he navigates the tricky social waters of a new school, he encounters a range of characters who challenge his expectations and help him understand the true meaning of friendship and belonging.

The story unfolds as Evan tries to win over the popular crowd while maintaining his friendships with Patrice, his first friend in Indiana who is seen as an outsider, and Archie, a boy with a degenerative illness who has his own unique perspective on life’s challenges. As Evan’s ambitions lead him to make a series of questionable decisions, he realizes the value of genuine relationships over superficial popularity. The musical is energized by a catchy pop-rock score by Jason Robert Brown, and cleverly captures the essence of being 13—complete with all the excitement, anxiety, and awkwardness that come with being on the cusp of teenage years. Through laughter and heartfelt moments, “13” delivers a message about the importance of integrity and the power of inclusivity, resonating with audiences of all ages.



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