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Assassins musical theater backing tracks are now available!

Assassins musical tracks are now available in Stage|Tracks Mobile format! This is a classic work from American composer Stephen Sondheim. A winner of multiple Tony Awards, this show combines his signature blend of insightful lyrics and beautiful music.

Assassins takes an unbridled look at America’s celebrity culture and how far some people will go to obtain it. This obsession with ego and fame is embodied by nine presidential assassins. Four of them succeeded in killing a President of the United States. Five failed in the attempt.

This is a one-act historical “revusical” that explores the dark side of the American experience. From John Wilkes Booth to Lee Harvey Oswald, writers, Stephen Sondheim and John Weidman bend the rules of time and space, taking us on a nightmarish roller coaster ride in which assassins and would-be assassins from different historical periods meet, interact and inspire each other to harrowing acts in the name of the American Dream. Bold, original, disturbing, and alarmingly funny, Assassins is perhaps the most controversial musical ever written.

Assassins requires skilled singers who are also versatile actors. This is an ideal choice for mature audiences and will challenge your designers as they try to recreate famous moments and people in America’s history.

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