Best Christmas Pageant Ever, The

Best Christmas Pageant Ever The Musical

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What do you do when the worst-behaved kids in town start coming to Sunday school? Reluctant director Grace Bradley has to answer that question when Imogene, Claude, Ralph, Leroy, Ollie, and Gladys Herdman show up. These six siblings are commonly known as “the worst kids in the world.”

These delinquents cuss, shoplift, smoke, and fight. To make matters worse, they know absolutely nothing about the bible. When the Herdman children demand parts in the church’s Christmas pageant, the whole town panics. Now it’s up to Grace Bradley and the Reverend to learn to love the Herdmans, change the hearts of the townspeople, and save the production.

This is a heartwarming and hilarious musical adaptation of Barbara Robinson’s classic holiday story. This version was written by Jahnna Beecham, with music by Malcolm Hillgartner. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever: The Musical premiered in November 2016 at the Children’s Theatre of Charlotte in Charlotte, NC.

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