Carrie backing tracks are now available for our Show|Ready rehearsal software and Stage|Tracks performance tracks library! The show features a book by Lawrence D. Cohen, music by Academy Award winner Michael Gore, and lyrics by Academy Award winner Dean Pitchford.

This show is set in present day Chamberlain, Maine. Carrie White is a teenage outcast. Even though she wants to fit in, the popular crowd at school bullies her. Because of this, she’s invisible to everyone else. At home, her cruel mother controls and manipulates her. But Carrie just discovered that she has a special power. If she reaches her breaking point, she just might take revenge.

Based on Stephen King’s blockbuster novel of the same name, this show polarized audiences and critics alike when it debuted in 1988. Because of this, it ran for only 16 previews and 5 performances before it closed. Despite this, internet buzz and word of mouth made this a theatre cult classic and a revamped version of the show appeared 24 years later. With a stronger and more resonant focus on high school bullying and social isolation, this resurrected version went on to have successful productions all over the world. It was nominated for multiple awards and was the focal point of an episode of The CW’s Riverdale in 2018.

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