Full Monty, The

The Full Monty


The Full Monty is now available in Stage|Tracks and Stage|Tracks Mobile format. Our professional broadway backing tracks are recorded by real musicians on real instruments in our studio.

Based on the original 1997 British comedy, this musical adaptation brings the story to America. Our main protagonists are six unemployed steelworkers from Buffalo, New York. All six are out of cash and out of options. After their wives experience a touring Chippendales performance, the guys get the idea to start their own local strip act. The show will take place at a local club and will be the best act around, because they’ll all go “the full monty.” As they prepare to strip completely nude, the men come face to face with their own self-consciousness and inner demons.

While the laughs are plentiful, the show examines deeper themes. Its commentary on unemployment, fathers’ rights, depression, impotence, homosexuality, body image, working class culture, and suicide garnered accolades from critics world wide. The original Broadway production was nominated for 9 Tony Awards in 2001.

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