Jasper in Deadland


Show|Ready rehearsal software and Stage|Tracks performance tracks are now available for Jasper In Deadland! 

Jasper is lost in the living world. Failing classes, kicked off the swim team, his family on the skids, his life feels like it’s going to hell. Agnes, Jasper’s best friend, has always been there to comfort him through all the ups and downs. In a night of teenage passion, Jasper and Agnes consummate their years-long friendship. But in the morning Agnes has disappeared after telling Jasper to meet her at their cliff. When he arrives there’s no sign of his best friend, only a swirling vortex to another world in the water below. Risking everything to save his best friend, Jasper dives into Deadland.

Based on the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, this show features a thrilling pop-rock score from Ryan Scott Oliver, with a compelling book by Hunter Foster.

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