Network Error when activating Show|Ready or Stage|Tracks

Some clients see a network error when they try to activate Show|Ready or Stage|Tracks at their location (usually schools and universities). What is happening is that the location’s firewall or closed ports are blocking the download. The easiest solution is to try to download from another location such as a home or a public WiFi access point (coffee shop, etc.). Using a hotspot from a phone or tablet is also a solution as long as it is not on the T-Mobile network. If you are not able to move your computer to an alternate location to download, please forward the following information to your IT personnel to configure the firewall to allow access to our servers.

  • Make sure TCP ports 915 and 5000 are open.
  • Whitelist our ip:
    • (IPv4)
    • 2600:1f14:6cf:f901:724c:a904:7918:759e (IPv6)
  • To confirm connectivity, perform the following commands via Command Prompt, Terminal or Bash:
    • telnet 915
    • telnet 5000
    • ping

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