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“Thoroughly Modern Millie” is a vibrant musical set in the roaring twenties in New York City, capturing the spirit of an era marked by post-war celebration, jazz, and the flapper lifestyle. It centers on the ambitious Millie Dillmount who moves from Kansas to New York City with the goal of marrying for money instead of love—a thoroughly modern aim in her eyes. She quickly adapts to the flapper lifestyle, bobbing her hair and shortening her skirts, all the while planning to secure her future by winning the heart of her wealthy boss, Mr. Trevor Graydon. However, her plan hits a snag when she finds herself falling instead for the charming but penniless Jimmy Smith.

Amid her romantic entanglements, Millie also becomes involved in a series of comic misadventures at her hotel, managed by Mrs. Meers, who is secretly engaged in illegal activities under the guise of a harmless actress. With the help of her new friend, Miss Dorothy Brown, and the stenographic pool at work, Millie unravels Mrs. Meers’ scheme. Together, they work to foil her plans, leading to Mrs. Meers’ capture. In the end, Millie must choose between her ‘thoroughly modern’ ambitions and the unexpected love she has found with Jimmy, ultimately realizing that true happiness comes not from the pursuit of wealth but from the heart.



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